5 Tips for Regular Window Maintenance

If you have just gotten new windows, you are probably wondering what you need to do to take care of them. Window maintenance is essential for keeping your windows efficient, safe, and beautiful, and it will ensure that your windows last as long as possible, so you get the most out of your investment. Here are some essential window care tips that every homeowner needs to know.

1. Inspect your windows annually

An annual home check-up is a crucial part of preventative home maintenance. Minor problems can turn into major problems if they’re not addressed, so you should examine your windows closely and identify any imperfections. Be sure to regularly check for leaks and improper drainage above or around vents and sprinkler systems that may subject your windows and patio doors to prolonged water exposure.

2. Pay close attention to caulking

The sealant or caulking of your windows or patio doors ensures that the windows and doors are watertight. If any of the sealant is cracked, broken, or missing, it needs to be fixed right away. Small cracks can let in water, and even minor leaks cause permanent damage. Pay close attention to the sealant at the bottom corners of windows and in between windows

3. Take note of imperfections in the wood finish

Carefully inspect both the interior and exterior finish for peeling and/or cracking. The wood finish or paint does not just keep the windows looking nice; it also protects the windows from getting damaged by the elements. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the finish and compromise this protection. If a wood refresh is needed, contact a window professional for advice.

4. Clean and lubricate tracks regularly

To keep your windows opening and closing smoothly, you should regularly clean the tracks with a dry brush. If there is any grime that cannot be cleaned with a dry brush, you can use soap and water. The same goes for sliding glass doors. You don’t want dirt and debris to build up in your window or sliding door tracks. It will make the windows and doors more prone to getting stuck, and it will make them look dirty and unattractive. Regularly cleaning away dirt and debris can prevent these problems.

5. Administer Weather Stripping Maintenance

In order to shield against the wind and moisture, some you may way to place weather stripping between the movable parts of a window. Various materials can be used in different spaces. Be sure to clean weather stripping from time to time to help prevent damage, and replace stripping if it comes loose, breaks, or bends.

Cleaning and lubricating your windows are things that you can and should do yourself. But if there is damage to the caulking, the wood needs to be refinished, or any other part of the window needs to be repaired, you should call a window professional, as trying to execute the repair yourself could result in further damage to the windows.