5 Reasons You Should ONLY Use Local Home Remodeling Companies

Sep 14, 2023

Home Remodeling - Local Company - Muncie, IN

5 Reasons You Should NEVER Work With
A Nationwide Home Remodeler

…And Why Choosing A Local, Independently Owned
Home Renovation Company Is The Only Way To Go

When it comes to home remodeling in East Central Indiana, we know nationally-owned chain home improvement companies may sound convenient. They have multiple locations, a “wider” product selection, and “lower” prices.

But here’s the reality – those “conveniences” aren’t nearly as good as they seem. And when choosing a nationwide company, we can guarantee that one essential ingredient (and probably many more) will be missing from your project – local advantage.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we’re a local, independently-owned Muncie-based company, meaning we hire locally, source as locally as possible, AND have decades of strong community ties. And our 25+ years of local experience gives you better products, better installations, and a better customer experience.

So here are five reasons why you should avoid nationwide home renovation companies and choose a locally-owned home remodeler instead.

1. Nationwide Companies DO NOT Know Your Local Climate

When shopping for your home remodel, finding the “best” products is easy. Anyone can Google “best replacement windows.” But what national chain companies and big box stores often fail to consider is your local climate.

This is where local expertise comes in. A great home remodeling company knows the local weather – seasonal patterns, extreme storm potential, and everyday climate averages – like the back of its hand.

We know East Central Indiana weather at Clemens, so we offer only the most durable and reliable gutters, roofs, and siding built specifically for our climate. If it doesn’t pass our “Indiana-strong” standards, we don’t offer it.

2. More Overhead = Higher Project Costs

Here’s an industry secret – when you buy a home improvement product from a big box store or nationwide company, you’re not just paying for the manufacturing cost. You’re paying for the company’s massive overhead costs, including employees, marketing, and delivery/shipping.

But when you work with an honest local home improvement company, you’re only charged for what you get. So you can have greater peace of mind knowing your product costs are going toward product integrity and not inflated overheads.

And with us, you can rest assured that our windows, doors, gutters, roofs, and siding products give you maximum value with total quality at affordable costs.

3. No Consideration For Local Wellbeing

We’ve all seen the setup: a national home improvement corporation swoops into town, bulldozes acres of land, and sets up shop, putting the “little guy” out of business.

There’s a reason national corporations show less concern for local residents – their big bosses don’t live here, and they certainly didn’t grow up here. They simply don’t care because they don’t have a stake in the community.

At Clemens, our owner was raised in Muncie and has never left. So, we genuinely empathize with East Central Indiana residents – we know what it’s like to live here, work here, and call this place home and take great pride in doing so.

Plus, we pass our hometown compassion onto all our customers through our honest work ethic, quality workmanship, and promise of excellence.

4. Little Investment In Your Community

Along with a lack of concern for residents, it’s common for nationally-owned home remodeling companies to show little support for the community as a whole. It’s easy to squirrel away pennies for personal benefit when you don’t have strong community ties.

But when you work AND live in the same community, you not only have an emotional investment in its wellbeing, but you also have a financial responsibility to give back. And that’s something everybody in the community benefits from.

So at Clemens, we donate our time, money, and resources to several local charities and organizations we feel strongly about, including Muncie Mission, and Heartland Christian School.

5. Impossible Communication

We all know what it’s like calling a nationally-owned company – you’re put on hold, passed around like a hot potato, and then put back on hold for who knows how long. By the time you speak to a representative, you’re sprouting gray hairs (or at least more of them than when you started).

A great local home remodeling company would NEVER put their valued customers through this time-consuming, energy-draining, and often infuriating routine. Instead, a live human picks up the phone, listens to your concerns, and responds to them…then and there.

And if they don’t know the answer, they quickly find someone who does. No robots. No hold music. No shouting into the void.

At Clemen’s Home Solutions, Our Local East Central
Indiana Heritage Is 25+ Years In The Making

We admit it. Our owner wasn’t born in Muncie, IN. But he did move here when he was six and has stayed for over three decades. So in our eyes, that’s a pretty close second to being East Central Indiana born and bred.

At Clemens, our local history and experience paint the backdrop of everything we do – from researching and locally sourcing the best products for our specific climate to caring about our neighbors and giving back to our community.

And with the number of critical advantages our local company brings to the table, it’s hard to understand why anyone would choose to work with a nationwide company at all.

Are you ready to experience the difference a local East Central Indiana home remodeling company makes? At Clemens Home Solutions, we’re ready to share our local advantages with you! Contact us today for a free quote!

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