5 Reasons To Choose Copper Gutters For Your Indiana Home

Mar 28, 2022

Copper gutter and downspout installed onto a home

5 Reasons To Choose Copper Gutters For Your Indiana Home

You’ve Got Plenty Of Options For New Gutter & Downspouts.
Here’s Why Copper Is One Of The Best.

Here at Clemens Home Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a vast array of gutter options to suit all Indiana homes. In recent years, copper gutters are becoming increasingly popular. 

We aren’t surprised! 

The versatility, elegance, and unique nature of copper gutters make them one of the most sought-after gutter styles, especially for those who like to stand out from the crowd. 

While each style of gutter provides its own specific list of benefits, copper gutters time and time again prove themselves to outperform all other types. 

Read on to hear why the gutter experts at Clemens Home Solutions recommend copper gutters for your home and, who knows, by the end, you may find yourself picking up the phone and scheduling a consultation!

1. Copper Gutters Are Undeniably Beautiful

One of the most important factors that homeowners take into consideration when choosing the perfect gutters for their home is actually quite simple: Looks. 

If opulence is what you desire, look no further than copper gutters. Whether you have them treated to maintain their original bronze coloring or let them naturally patina over time, copper gutters have an enduring beauty that only gets better with age. 

The curb appeal alone is enough for some people to choose copper gutters, but they accomplish so much more. 

2. Copper Gutters Can Last A Lifetime

Gutter installation projects are not known for being relatively cheap, so you want to make sure you are choosing a material that is known for longevity. Copper gutters are extremely durable, more durable, in fact, than aluminum and steel. 

Because copper gutters must be custom built to your home’s exact specifications, they are designed to operate perfectly for years to come. This means fewer seams and a reduced risk of developing leaks. 

Copper is a very tough material making it more resilient to dents, cracks, and bending. Unlike aluminum or steel, copper does not rust. Instead, copper develops a rustic green patina if left untreated. 

Copper gutters are well known to last over 50 years! 

3. Copper Gutters Never Go Out Of Style

Although copper gutters may not be the first choice you make when adding modern style during an exterior home remodel, that could be a mistake! While not necessarily “modern,” copper gutters have been utilized all over the world in historic and residential architecture for hundreds and hundreds of years. 

While trends have a way of coming in and out of fashion on a whim, copper gutters are always eye-catching. Even though copper gutters are popular, they are scarce enough to make your house stand out from the rest. When you opt for custom-built copper gutters, you could be the only one on your entire street or neighborhood with that look. 

4. Copper Gutters Are Easy To Maintain

We already talked about the long lifespan of copper gutters, but did you know they require less maintenance than other types of gutters? It’s true!

Unlike aluminum or steel, copper does not have the correct composition to allow fungal or algal growth. So goodbye to pesky moss growths when choosing copper gutters for your home! Copper gutters require copper downspouts, hangers, and additional hardware. 

Utilizing full copper for each section of your gutter system will save you countless headaches, time, and money in the future to come—although it is slightly more expensive than steel or aluminum. While all gutters become clogged from time to time, copper gutters typically have larger-sized downspouts to allow debris to exit smoothly. 

Combine copper gutters with our next-level LeafX® gutter guards, and your days of shoveling out half-decayed leaves and twigs are over. 

5. Copper Gutters Are Surprisingly Environmentally-Friendly

Copper is one of the very few materials used in home remodeling projects that can be 100% recycled repeatedly. In fact, many of the copper gutter systems used today utilize between 70% – 100% recycled copper. 

If you are conscious about recycling and your carbon footprint, copper gutters are by far the most eco-friendly option to choose from. On top of this, copper is abundantly available from mines all over the world and at no risk of becoming depleted any time soon. 

Are Copper Gutters The Right Choice For Your Home?
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