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Apr 18, 2022

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Three Concepts We Have To Instill When
Training Our Experienced New Hires

They May Know What They Are Doing, But
They Don’t Know The Clemens Way

There are plenty of experienced exterior home installers in the Muncie area, but most of them have been shown little more than how to get through the work quickly. While we are in no way slow at our work, we always prefer excellence over speed.

Since our process is geared toward proper installation rather than a quick conclusion to the project, much of what experienced installers learn while working for our competition often needs refining.

That doesn’t mean that experienced installers aren’t welcome at Clemens Home Solutions – it just means that it takes ground-up training to show them that there’s a better way to do their job.

1) Trust The Manufacturers

Every exterior home product is put through rigorous testing before entering the market. They are tested for strength and durability in testing centers that replicate years or even decades of abuse from the worst nature has to offer.

After testing, engineers carefully examine their product for signs of wear or structural failure. And when we say examine, we’re talking about investigating at the microscopic level for evidence of failures. Then, they figure out what is needed to get results that match their claims.

Sometimes that means going back to the drawing board, and other times it means changing their installation recommendations. Something as small as placing an extra nail into a board or shingle can be enough to get the results they (and homeowners) want.

And that’s how detailed manufacturer recommendations can get.

The point is, if they went to the trouble of saying you must use six nails on this shingle or to be sure to place your nails at least ¾” away from the edge of your trim, that’s exactly what you need to do.

Unfortunately, these are precisely the kinds of things contractors like to ignore to help control costs.

Eliminating the sixth nail can add up to real savings over dozens of projects, and not worrying about getting nails in the exactly right spot can speed up the installation process and save even more money.

But, that sixth mail might be the difference between your roof weathering hurricane-force winds or having a summer storm strip your roof bare. And those poorly placed nails can result in cracking over time.

So, the first thing we stress to our installers is to follow manufacturer recommendations to the letter without exception.

Experienced Doesn’t Always Mean Good

2) Never Cut Corners

We ensure that our experienced new hires understand why cutting corners is never a good idea. A good example of that is CertainTeed roofing.

CertainTeed requires that installers use their entire roof system for their top warranty to apply. CertainTeed has designed its roof system from the underlayment to the shingles to give homeowners top-level performance and durability from their products.

They also expect us to follow their recommendation to the letter every time – and we do. The same is true for every product we install.

Manufacturers understand that it isn’t their pretty displays in showrooms that sell their products. It’s the neighbor down the street whose home still looks amazing even though it’s been over a decade since they installed a CertainTeed roof.

So, most top manufacturers take the extra step to ensure that their installations will last decades through the proper installation of their products.

And here’s the important part that other contractors ignore when they teach their employees just to do and use whatever is easiest to get the job done – manufacturers won’t warranty products put up in any manner other than what they recommend.

3) Act Like A Professional To Be A Professional

When you meet a Clemens Homes Solutions installer, you’ll be greeted as “sir” or “ma’am” by a well-groomed individual wearing proper Clemens attire.

They’ll be friendly (because we refuse to hire unfriendly people) and helpful.

They’ll also keep their work area tidy and clean up at the end of each day, taking care never to leave anything dangerous out where small hands can get in trouble.

Plus, you’ll never experience a dangling cigarette, coarse language, or loud music from our workers anywhere on your property. We expect our installers to be clean, courteous, and communicative at all times.

While we do background checks and periodic drug testing, so does everyone else. What sets our people apart is that they feel more like good neighbors lending you a hand than anonymous workers earning a quick buck.

You can rest easy knowing that the people coming to your home have been vetted before coming aboard. They’ve long ago proven themselves to be friendly, kind, concerned, and talented installers who respect the job, respect you and respect your home.

If you have a project for your Muncie area home in mind and want to work with the best, contact us at Clemens Homes Solutions for a free quote.

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