Why We Decided To Offer Indiana Homeowners The “Clemens Guarantee”

Jan 19, 2022

Clemens Guarantee 15 Years Worry Free Clemens Home Solutions

Why We Decided To Offer Indiana Homeowners The “Clemens Guarantee”

And Put In Writing What
Was Already True

When we opened up our shop in 1998 to serve Muncie, Indiana, area homeowners, state law mandated that we offer a 1-Year warranty on our work. We elected to offer three years instead because we felt offering just the minimum coverage didn’t fit with who we wanted to be as a company.

As time went by and we had a better sense of who we were and what we could offer, we began to question our 3-Year Warranty. It wasn’t until we were challenged at an industry seminar that we decided to look into making a change.

Tell Them About It

The statement that first challenged us to re-think some of the things we offered was, “If you do something above and beyond the normal, tell everybody about it.”

We knew that we offered a superior product with an unmatched level of care during the installation process, but we weren’t doing a good job of getting that message out. Our 3-Year guarantee, though above the minimum, didn’t really shine a light on the excellent quality of our work.

As we were reviewing contracts a little later, a key question was asked.

“If a customer had a legitimate complaint or concern about our work or the products we used after four or five years had gone by, would we fix it without charging the customer?”

The answer was a firm “yes.”

“How about ten years?”


In truth, we didn’t see a period when we would stop standing behind our work, but we settled on 15-Years since it matched the warranty periods of the products we sell.

Not Your Ordinary Home Solutions
Workmanship Guarantee

Most home contractor guarantees are full of caveats, loopholes, and depreciating coverage. But games like that don’t send the message we wanted to get across to Indiana homeowners.

That’s why we made the Clemens Guarantee so simple and so bold. If, within 15 years, you have a problem with any work we’ve done on your home, and it is something that we messed up or the result of a product defect, we will make it right at no cost to you. And if we can’t make it right, we’ll refund every penny you spent on the project.

The only thing we can get wishy-washy on is the time limit. Right now, we are touching up a gutter system that we installed back in 2006 (long before the Clemens Guarantee existed) for free.

Not because we messed up, all we’re doing is sealing up corners and other normal wear and tear items, but because we believe it’s just the right thing to do.

Anytime one of our staff asks the owner about similar situations, he always says, “go ahead and take care of it.”

Taking care of our customers, no matter what, is now just a part of our company culture.

Our Renovation Process Makes A 15-Year
Guarantee Almost Risk-Free

The Clemens Guarantee is almost no risk to our bottom line because of the way we handle our installations.

  • Every member of our installation crew has gone through our training process and knows that shortcuts are unacceptable on our projects.
  • We never deviate from manufacturer recommendations, not even to save on our costs.
  • The only exception is when we use products that exceed the standards set by the manufacturers (such as high-quality sealant).
  • The products we carry are carefully vetted for quality and durability before we offer them to our customers, with a goal of offering only the best available.

When you have absolute confidence in the products you sell and the crew that is installing them, standing behind your work is easy.

This is why we are comfortable offering a 15-Year Workmanship guarantee and honoring it, now and again, for even longer periods of time.

If you need work done on the exterior of your Muncie, Indiana, area home and want unequaled peace of mind, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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