Why Are My Gutters Overflowing When It Rains?

Jul 15, 2021

Why Are My Gutters Overflowing When It Rains?

Bigstock Roofer Hand Cleaning Rain GuttPicture this, a strong storm is blustering through your area and you have a headache just thinking about the water damage it is likely to cause. For those who don’t have a reliable gutter system, this stressor may sound familiar.

If your gutters are overflowing when it rains, your home automatically becomes susceptible to costly water damage, flooding, and mold and mildew growth. But why are your gutters overflowing? There are various possibilities.

Identifying the Issue

A common culprit of overflowing gutters are clogs. Debris, such as leaves and pine needles can land in your gutter trough and build up over time. Once debris has amassed into a sizeable enough wad that stops up the trough, water will not be able to successfully flow through the system. Instead, it will spill over the gutter side, resulting in an overflow.

Another option is incorrectly installed gutters. If your gutter system is not properly in place and dips or slants at weird angles, then water flow can be disrupted, resulting in pooling puddles that will eventually pour out of the top of your gutter system.

The size of your gutter system also plays a crucial role in its effectiveness. Even if installed correctly, if your gutters are too small and cannot appropriately accommodate the amount of water coming off of your roofline, then you are likely to have overflowing gutters.

Addressing the Problem

In order to prevent your gutters from overflowing when it rains, the first step is hiring a home improvement company that can identify the issue. This is where Clemens Home Solutions comes in. Our skilled and experienced team has the know-how to pinpoint gutter issues and promptly rectify them. If your gutters are overflowing when it rains, contact Clemens Home Solutions today.

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