We’re Like An Ivy League University

May 05, 2023

Exterior Remodel Manufacturing Partner Clemens Indiana

We’re As Selective As An Ivy League University
When Choosing Our Manufacturers

Because In The Exterior Remodeling World,
You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

If you’re a Muncie and East Central, IN, homeowner in the market for an exterior renovation of any kind, buyer beware! Not only do you need to be prudent about the contractor, you need to know what manufacturers this contractor works with.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we take this “manufacturer guesswork” out of the equation from the get-go. We only partner with manufacturers we vet and trust, like CertainTeed, to name just one.

The truth is, not all manufacturers are created equal. Some lack the innovation and customer service to deliver top-quality products and customer support. By partnering with only the best, we ensure your home improvement project benefits from the highest workmanship and material standards. And if there’s ever an issue with a product, we don’t just shrug and say, “Call the manufacturer.”

We go to bat for our customers whenever possible, even if that means having a hard talk with our suppliers. But it rarely (if ever) gets there because we’re that selective with our partners in manufacturing.

While we do value innovation and the latest and greatest products, we don’t value it at the cost of quality.

We stick with the basics, like securing top-quality products and responsive, customer-focused manufacturers for our valued customers.

It Starts With Quality Control

Quality control is absolutely essential for home improvement projects, so we don’t just take any manufacturer’s word for it – we go the extra mile to verify the quality of their products.


  • We take the time to visit our manufacturer’s factories in person.
  • But we don’t just go there on a field trip. While there, we observe their manufacturing processes.
  • And to top it off, we even receive samples (with their actual product in hand) to ensure it’s up to spec, confirming their commitment to excellence.

Some may call this going above and beyond. But we just see it as doing our due diligence. But beyond product quality, there’s another aspect that often gets overlooked concerning exterior service manufacturers.

Their customer service.

Quality Customer Service Begets
Quality Customer Service

Why should you, as a homeowner, care about how a manufacturer treats us? Because how they treat us is a direct reflection of how they’ll treat you.

Sure, as we’ve said before – we’re always ready to go to bat for you. But working with a manufacturer that values customer satisfaction just as much as we do?

It’s vital.

That’s why we hold our manufacturers to the same high standards we hold ourselves. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we’ve teamed up with CertainTeed for roofing materials.

CertainTeed has demonstrated, time and time again, how they share our same values in treating people right.

So, whether you’re getting a new roof or stunning new windows, rest assured that our dedication to exceptional customer service doesn’t end with us.

It extends to the manufacturers we choose to work with.

Innovation Is Great When Carried
Out With Prudence

Continuous innovation is paramount in the home improvement and exterior remodeling industry, and at Clemens Home Solutions, we prioritize staying ahead of the curve by actively researching new products and technologies.

However, we exercise caution in adopting new innovations, only selecting those that have undergone rigorous testing and proven real-world performance. Our unwavering commitment to innovation means that our customers can enjoy the latest advancements in materials and installation techniques, with strict quality control measures to ensure their authenticity.

And this isn’t just lip service; we genuinely stand by our commitment to responsible innovation.

To illustrate this point, we recently made the difficult decision to decline an opportunity to collaborate with a regional window manufacturer, even after we had already developed a trademarked brand name for their product.

This unfortunate reality ultimately shows how careful we are when it comes to our commitment to you.

Earning Your Trust Is Our Top Priority

If you’re a Muncie, IN, area homeowner looking for a reliable and trustworthy home improvement contractor, contact Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote today.

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