We Brought 70 Years Of Family Home History Into The 21st Century

Oct 20, 2023

Before Side View Siding Gutter Replacement Home Remodel Muncie Indiana

After Side View Siding Gutter Replacement Home Remodel Muncie Indiana

Trusted With Almost 70 Years Of
Indiana Farm Family History

How Our Home Solutions Go From
Our Family To The Next

Debbie’s East Central Indiana home, farm buildings, and 86 acres of land have been in her family for almost seven decades. And during that whole time, all home projects were done by the family – no outside help needed.

You see, Debbie’s father was a jack of all trades, performing the most challenging tasks himself – electrical, plumbing, siding, roofing. He did it all. But after he passed away, the home and other buildings on the property started to slip into disrepair, needing more and more attention.

Finally, years of wear and tear on the home and farm started to show, and the much-needed repairs and renovations became too obvious to ignore…

…Here’s where Clemens Home Solutions comes into play.

…But First A Little More Farmhouse History

The property started as a log cabin, built over 200 years ago. When Debbie’s parents bought the farmland in 1955, there was only a very old farmhouse with no plumbing and limited electricity.

Over the decades, the property and its buildings have seen numerous reconstructions and iterations. But only after Debbie’s kids had moved out and she and her husband had retired could she really focus on the remodels needed to bring her family’s farm into the 21st century.

And since her family’s home and land are precious and priceless to her, Debbie knew she needed a family-focused home remodeling company to do the many projects needed. So, who better to call than a company that shares her same values – family and honesty?

Clemens Brings Almost 70 Years Of Family
Home History Into The Modern Era

Before 2 Side View Gutter Siding Installation Muncie In

After 2 Side View Gutter Siding Installation Muncie In

Trusting such massive renovations on buildings held close to your heart is challenging. But with a personal Clemens’ connection and total trust, Debbie knew exactly who to go to take on her home remodeling projects – Clemens!

But where to start?

Well, we started with the gutters – replacing the gutters on the main home and two-story four-car garage with an upstairs apartment. After the first project, Debbie liked our work so much she decided to hire us again for a slew of other renovations.

These included siding replacement on four of her buildings, installing a new exterior storm door, fixing fascia and soffit on the roof, and rebuilding “bird boxes,” a part of the roof overhang where the fascia and soffit connect.

Plus, they even fixed a garage door and replaced a few missing shingles – items not on their to-do list. But things they noticed needed attention. No questions asked.

“Just The Most Courteous Bunch Of Guys”

Yes, the detailed craftsmanship and quality of products on each of these projects stood out to Debbie as exceptional…but the kindness and respect from each install team really blew Debbie away.

From courtesy arrival calls and consistent project check-ins to protecting Debbie’s beloved outdoor flowers and shrubs, our customer respect really took to the cake! To this day, Debbie still can’t get over how clean we left her property, running magnets over the lawn until we got every last nail.

Plus, keeping the rest of the structure damage-free and intact is crucial when working with older buildings. So, we went above and beyond to protect the original flagstone on the home, including climbing up two stories to work around the high stone chimney.

The Term “Family” Redefines Itself

See, looking outside the family for home repair help was a big deal for Debbie. In her family, It just had never been done. But after choosing Clemens Home Solutions, a company focused on family and with strong core values, she knew she had made the right decision – because she was still choosing family.

Instead of thinking of “family” as just blood relation, now Debbie can think of Clemens as an extension of her own family. And after using us for almost half a dozen home projects, Debbie treats the team as such.

In fact, the installation fellows still come by the house with their own children to go fishing in the pond out back, bringing much joy and happiness to Debbie and her husband.

As for future home renovation plans, there’s still much to be done – roof replacement, new windows, etc. But for now, the changes already made have drawn so much attention from neighbors and folks driving by. And Debbie couldn’t be more thrilled with her home’s new curb appeal and modernization.

When you’re ready to work with an East Central Indiana company that treats all its customers like family, we’re here for you. Call Clemens Home Solutions today for a free planning estimate!

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