The Muncie Area Roof Replacement That Nobody Else Would Touch

Jan 10, 2022

Complicated Condominum Roof Muncie Clemens Home Solutions

The Muncie Area Roof Replacement That Nobody Else Would Touch

Neighbor Wrangling Isn’t Usually In Our
Job Description, But We Got It Done

Donita did her due diligence and researched Muncie area roofing contractors before making any calls about the roof of her mother’s 4-unit condo. The fact that the roof spanned four individually owned homes made for a messy situation, but it was leaking badly and needed to be addressed no matter what her neighbors thought.

Unfortunately, contractor after contractor scheduled visits but then ghosted Donita as soon as they understood how difficult the situation would be. Then, she contacted us at Clemens Home Solutions.

Not only did we show up, but we also helped her navigate the complicated process of getting the roof replaced.

When One Roofing Customer Turns Into Four

The term “Landominium” may not be familiar to most folks, but it’s one we certainly understood after this project.

A landominium is a condo where the resident owns not just their portion of the building but also the land it sits on. Unfortunately, this particular landominium was run by an HOA that forgot to address the communal nature of the roofing over a four-unit building.

Only two of the units had owners interested in getting a new roof since that’s where all the water went whenever it rained. The third and fourth owners felt there was no need since their homes remained dry when it rained.

This complication was why all the other roofing contractors ran for the hills, but that’s just not our way.

So, we talked to her neighbors and worked out an agreement with two of them that would allow us to address the issues in their communal roof. The last neighbor wasn’t interested, so we resolved to get the work done without asking them for any payment.

With the situation resolved (or so we thought), we placed the order for the materials and scheduled the installation for the following week.

Installation Day Fireworks

Our installation crew showed up on time and got straight to work, but, unbeknownst to them, this wasn’t going to be our usual smooth process. The holdout neighbor was deeply unhappy and threatened to call the police if we set foot on his portion of the roof early into the process.

Since we’d determined that all four parts of the roof were leaking, that was a problem.

We sent our Project Manager out to speak with Donita’s unhappy neighbor, and he smoothed things over so that we could finish the work. I mean, who can complain about getting new roofing for free, right?

The Right Thing Isn’t Always
The Easy Thing

You might wonder if all the other roofing contractors could see the trouble ahead, why couldn’t we?

We’d ask you if facing a difficult situation is a good enough reason to abandon someone who needs help?

We understand that, as business owners, we have bought into a social contract. Our community allows us to make money while providing a needed service. We, in turn, make our service available to the community.

Nowhere in that contract does it say that every exchange will be free of problems. Or, if we see the problems coming, it’s OK to ignore a customer’s needs.

So yes, we saw it coming; we just didn’t let that scare us off. We do what’s right, even if it comes with unpleasantness. That’s just who we are.

A New Roof For All

While the billing for the job was complicated, it wasn’t impossible, and the project was certainly worth the effort. Our crew worked hard that day to finish the roof in record time, especially for one of that size.

After they were finished, our gutter crew followed up to ensure that the entire roof system was well protected and would be leak-free for decades to come. And all of it backed by our 15-Year Clemens Guarantee.

We imagine even Grumpy Gus was secretly satisfied with the work.

It was a difficult project, requiring negotiating skills we rarely need to use, but the end result was four households that could now enjoy their homes rain or shine.

And who could complain about that?

If your Muncie, Indiana area home needs a new roof and you want to work with a contractor that will go the extra mile to get it done, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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