The Key To A Project’s Success Happens
Long Before The First Piece Is Ordered

Jan 03, 2022

The Key To A Project’s Success Happens
Long Before The First Piece Is Ordered

Prepared Beats Lucky Every Time

While we do provide Muncie area homeowners with one of the best exterior home project experiences in the business, they rarely get to see all the hard work that makes that smooth process possible.

You might think that the process begins with your signature, but you’d be wrong. In fact, your signature marks the end of the beginning. Everything that happens after you sign depends on everything we did before putting pen to paper.

Carefully Vetted Products

Few things can cause more damage to a home more quickly than an exterior product that suddenly fails, especially when that product is newly installed.

So we do more than our due diligence when selecting a new product to offer Muncie area homeowners. Before we decide to carry a product, we look at its:

  • Overall Quality – must handle extreme weather with a shrug.
  • Track Record – must show consistent performance that meets their promises.
  • Warranty – must be industry-leading length without depreciation.
  • Manufacturer’s Reputation – must be responsive to problems and back their product 110%.

We also refuse to work through a middleman. We buy directly from the manufacturers, so we know precisely who to talk to if there’s a problem (something impossible to do if you buy through a big box store).

Inquiring Minds

Our home consultants know their job is to learn all they can about your goals and the problem you wish to solve. While listening is a big part of getting that right, performing a proper inspection is paramount.

They will take a thorough look at the problem area to make certain that:

  • The problem is what you think it is
  • The project addresses the source of the problem
  • No surprises are lurking under the surface
  • The project will meet all your goals

The last thing anyone wants is to complete a project yet fail to solve your home’s issue. The time spent at this stage can prevent days wasted on unexpected problems, so we pay close attention to watermarks in the home, especially in the attic.

The most destructive force in any home is wayward water, so it’s imperative that we find the source when we see signs of water where it shouldn’t be.

While simply covering up the marks might be all a customer wants, it isn’t something we are willing to do. Half measures never solve anything and certainly wouldn’t satisfy our Clemens Guarantee.

We also ask about previous projects you’ve done and what problems you’ve experienced in the past. Learning your “pain points” in past projects helps us avoid creating similar situations during your current build.


Trust But Verify

Our home consultants are fantastic people who know their job inside and out, and their measurements are usually spot on. However, at no time is the adage “measure twice, cut once” more important than when we are about to order the materials for your project.

So we always send out a measure tech to verify all measurements and the order details like color, style, options, and features. This double-checking prevents delays and keeps the build process flowing smoothly.

The Training Never Ends

Without proper training, excellence is just a dream. That’s why we invest around 100 hours per employee per year in training and development. Technology changes, manufacturers rethink designs, and follow-up surveys sometimes identify trends, and we take time out every month to address these issues.

We hold these training sessions in our 3500 sq ft training facility, where we have mock-ups of everything our installers will see in the field. Our competitors think that the size and expense of our facility is a terrible waste, but we see it as our guarantee that we will always be ahead of the curve.

If you need work done on the exterior of your Muncie area home and want to enjoy the result of our carefully prepared build system, contact us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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