Featured Testimony

Dear Shawn, Toby and the Clemens Seamless Guttering Team,

“Thank you. We are so grateful for the work you just completed. From start to finish you were professional, honest, reliable and friendly. It was a sizeable investment but we are certain we picked the right company for our roofing, gutters, spray foam and partial siding project. You met with us at our leisure, told us what you would do and how you would do it. You offered suggestions when we were undecided, worked with our few odd requests and then you came in and knocked it out. You also took the extra time to make sure it was done right and gave us the assurance that if it wasn’t, you would fix it. It is beautiful. Though some cannot find beauty in a roof, we really do. It is the best looking roof on the block and we are proud to tell people about it and show it off. We can literally feel the difference in the temperature upstairs from last year to this, thanks to the foam. The siding job looks so good from the paint to the craftsmanship. And thank you for working with us in the downspout routing of the new gutters, your solutions work perfectly.

A friend of ours recently had a new roof, deck, carpet, kitchen and HVAC put in at his house. He used a few different contractors for his projects, including cheaper companies no one has heard of and nationwide well known retailers. He had unbelievable issues with all of them including a whole house water leak, some tearing up of his siding, multiple project delays, lots of no shows and shoddy work, new charge after new charge, and a pretty poor job of clean up as well. Every company he used had some issue. That is not an exaggeration. We talked many times about how a person never knows who to use for such projects; do we go with the Angie’s list recommendation, the most well known in the area, do we just pay attention to signs at people’s houses, maybe the middle cost estimate, or most expensive estimate, the best insured? So many companies these days seem to be in it for the hustle, just get in, get out, get paid and pray that nothing breaks before their guarantee ends. And if something does happen, so often they blame it on something or someone else or fight it with lawyers and loopholes. In getting to know you all, it seems Clemens Gutters just doesn’t do things that way. We paid for a detailed, quality job and that is what we got. No surprises, no delays that weren’t with regard to the weather and incredible clean up. Before a contract was even signed, y’all went up on the roof and tacked my old, broken, hanging down gutter back to the house because you couldn’t handle seeing it that way. Who does that?

Shawn Clemens, Toby Mann and Clemens Guttering, you have earned our trust. We will surely be sending you referrals should the opportunity present. And just an additional comment, thanks for being good people. We are quite certain a friendship with any of you guys would be a blessing and a gift. Thank you!”

Shawn and Janet Allen

Featured Testimony

“In May of 2014 I had hail damage to my home and shortly after my neighborhood was inundated with storm chasers.  I decided to take a slow thorough research of renovation that I knew would be covered with insurance.  I followed up with estimates from 3 local businesses and selected Clemens Home Solutions for several reasons. I liked the detailed listing of all the materials they were going to use and their promptness in getting estimates to me. The salesman was very thorough and called a supplier out of state for pricing for unusual windows that needed to be replaced.

Since this was an insurance claim the adjustor worked with Clemens Home Solutions sales to come to agreement about the replacement plan. By the time the adjustor had fine tuned the claim it was too late in the year to start renovations but they were started early the next year and completed to my satisfaction a little over a year from the date of damage. I found all the workers at my house were professional and always did a thorough job of cleaning up every day.  They arrived when they said they would and never blocked me in my driveway. Dwayne kept me informed as to what the next step would be as work progressed. I appreciated his insight on progress and a heads up as worked progressed.  I am very satisfied with the products used and know my house looks better than it did before the hail damage. Clemens Home Solutions did an excellent job of repairing the damage on my house.”


“The men who installed the guttering did an excellent job. They were very neat, courteous and made sure everything met my satisfaction.”

Hal H. of Albany

“Thank you all so much for the great job that you did on our gutters and siding. We will be sure to tell our friends what good work you do!”

Scott S. of Anderson

“My wife and I wish to thank you and your crew for an excellent installation/repair job–and for all of the attention to detail (including cleanup).”

Mike S. of Muncie

“I want to thank you for helping me with the gutters and for the quality of work you and your crew did. You guys are true professionals and that means a lot to me. I will recommend you to anyone who needs your services and would call you back if I needed any more work on my houses.”

George M. of Muncie

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for us. We love the improvements. We enjoyed all the guys – they were upbeat, professional and superior at their craft.”

Fred and Linda C. of Mt. Pleasant

“Shawn Clemens installed our gutters in the late 90’s and has serviced them since. This past fall he replaced my roof, two chimneys, and installed 10 beautiful windows at a very reasonable cost. Shawn, above all, is honest, fair, and was extremely helpful and professional at all times. His team did an amazing job completing a monumental task in two-three days and when they were done, you never knew they had been there. Clean up was amazing! I trust him and his expertise completely and look forward to working with him and his team again.”

Marta of Muncie

“Thank you so very much. The roof looks SO GOOD. You did an outstanding job. You can’t even tell where the tree hit it.”

Ms. Anna

“Your crew did an amazing job! Thanks for making my house feel like a home.”

KT Stonewall

“Your crew was terrific, and the work looks very good. Be assured that I will be contacting your company for additional work in the future.”

Marilyn of Alexandria

“Thanks for everything. Job well done. Very professional. Installers and employees were all excellent. I will be passing your company name to others.”

Terry of Muncie

“I would like to thank you and your very professional workers as they did a wonderful job replacing our recent storm damage we suffered on our house. We can not thank you enough for all the tremendous effort each one of your workers put forth.”

Ronn Shumaker of Parker City

“Just wanted to say thanks. I know as an owner you only hear back from folks with a complaint, but your guys did a GREAT job! Very polite, cleaned up and were professional. I will definitely recommend your company.”


“Thank you all for your courteous, professional service. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

David & Joy of Eaton

“The roof looks great! Fast, efficient workers. My husband and I are both very happy with Clemens.”

Gerald & Barb

“The work you did at my place turned out wonderful and looks great. You are beyond fortunate to have such high caliber employees. They were beyond helpful.”