Red-Sided House With A Black Front Door In Yorktown, IN

Perfect Entry And Patio Door Options For
Your Yorktown, IN Home

Clemens Home Solutions Installs Locally Made Doors
Built To Stand Up To The Indiana Climate

Are you planning to replace your entry or patio door on your Yorktown, IN, home? Choose an option that’s built Indiana-tough and can stand up to our volatile weather. Here at Clemens Home Solutions, we only install doors crafted by Home Guard Industries – a locally owned and operated company that knows how to build doors for the Indiana climate.

We offer a variety of high-quality replacement doors, including fiberglass entry doors, steel entry doors, and patio doors. You can choose from 31 door styles to ensure you find the perfect match for your home’s style.

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Fiberglass Entry Doors

Our fiberglass entry doors offer the beautiful appearance of natural wood but none of the tedious maintenance tasks. They can be customized in many beautiful colors, perfectly matching your home’s style. They also come with special Duraframe Jambs specifically constructed to repel water, preventing wicking and rotting.

Steel Entry Doors

If you’re looking for unmatched beauty combined with an absolute feeling of security, choose one of our steel entry doors. Unlike the competition’s steel doors, ours won’t swell, warp, or rot because they are 100% wood-free. You also won’t have to worry about maintenance, as this door will practically take care of itself.

Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding patio door from Clemens is the most cost-effective choice you could make. Efficiency is built into every component of these doors to ensure that you see a drastic change in your energy bills. You’ll also enjoy increased security as our patio doors are nearly impossible to remove from the outside.

Choose A Local Door Installation Company
That Knows The Yorktown, IN Area

When you work with a local remodeling company, like Clemens Home Solutions, you know you’re in better hands than if you were working with one of those big-box companies.

Because we’re from here, we know the Indiana climate and what materials you need to stand up to it. Regardless of which type of remodeling you’re interested in, we can help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Nationwide companies have a lot of overhead costs that prevent them from offering the best products and services. Because we’re local, we don’t have those costs and can invest every available cent into ours.

Think about the headache of trying to get through to a live person when you call a big corporation. When you call Clemens Home Solutions, you will never have to deal with confusion. You’ll get someone who can help you immediately, taking the stress out of communication and the process as a whole.

Highly Skilled Installers Mean Your Job Will Be Done Right

Did you know many companies outsource their installation projects to cheap day laborers and unskilled subcontractors? This practice results in a sloppy installation, resulting in project failure.

You’ll never have to worry about that when you work with Clemens Home Services. We pride ourselves on employing passionate, trained, skilled, and friendly installers. We ensure their training stays up to date with our fantastic on-site training facility.

We have specialized crews for all our services, allowing us to use specialists for all your installation needs. You can rest assured that the team assigned to your project are authorities on that type of exterior remodel.

Why Choose Clemens Home Solutions? We Put The
Customer First Always

We have a simple philosophy that’s our rule of law – we’ve abided by it since day one in 1998:

“Only the best will do. On every single job. Down to every single detail. For every single customer.”

We have an unwavering approach to quality that ensures our customers a fantastic experience with premium results. We always do the right thing for our customers, acting with the utmost integrity. Our customers’ interests always come first.

Do You Need A New Door For Your Yorktown, IN Home?
Call The Local Experts

Are you planning to replace your entry or patio door on your Yorktown, IN, home? Trust a local company that knows the area to give you the best service possible.

Here at Clemens Home Solutions, we’ve found the ideal doors built in the area for the area to provide you with premium results.

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We service Yorktown, IN, and the surrounding areas.

It’s About P.R.I.D.E.

Choose The Contractor That Takes PRIDE In Doing Your Job 100% Right

Our 5 core values ensure you pleasant, premium-quality exterior remodeling.


We hold ourselves 100% accountable for your experience and results.


The key to remodeling success is a strong customer-contractor bond.


Honesty is the ONLY policy. We do what we say and follow through.


Working hard, earnestly, and with impeccable attention to detail is our calling card.


We WILL perform our job to the highest possible caliber. That’s a promise.

“I feel blessed for getting this done. The install was very efficient, and all concerns were addressed. A very caring company that shows pride in their work!”

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