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Hand-Crafted, World-Class Doors For Your
New Castle, IN, Home

At Clemens, Our Doors Are Built Indiana Tough

The entry door is one of the first things people notice about your New Castle, IN, home. Because of this, you want something tasteful that accents the beauty of your home while being completely functional. Here at Clemens Home Solutions, we offer premium-quality doors made right here in Indiana.

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Stunning Fiberglass Entry Doors

With our beautiful fiberglass entry doors, you’ll have the perfect balance of everything you need in a door – light, privacy, and safety. You can select from options with the beauty of natural wood but none of the rigorous maintenance requirements. These superior doors resist warping, twisting, rotting, and splitting.

Gorgeous Steel Entry Doors

If you’re looking for an option with unsurpassed strength and durability, consider one of our steel entry doors. Despite their extra level of protection, they don’t skimp on beauty, offering you a lovely accent for your home’s exterior. In addition, they’re also resistant to swelling, warping, twisting, rotting, and splitting.

Secure Sliding Patio Doors

Our sliding patio doors come with exceptional security and peace of mind – they’re nearly impossible to remove from the outside, ensuring you’re safe and sound inside your home. Additionally, they come with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and a lifetime seal failure warranty.

We Worked Hard For Our Reputation

Building an excellent reputation in the exterior remodeling industry is no easy feat. It takes hard work and dedication. That’s exactly how we earned our 5-star reputation. We treat every customer with the respect they deserve, and we don’t cut any corners regarding the actual project.

When you choose a company to complete your remodeling project, you want one with an excellent reputation – it’s not enough that they tell you they do a good job. Their customers should be more than willing to sing their praises. If they don’t have good customer reviews or references, it’s a red flag.

Companies with great reputations generally offer exceptional service. From providing the best warranties to fair pricing, everything just falls into place, making the overall experience much better than with a company that has a less than stellar reputation.

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The Top Installers In New Castle, IN

A company can offer you all the best materials the industry has available, but it won’t make a difference if their installers aren’t worth their salt. The reason behind most remodeling failures is poor installation practices.

Because of this, we focus on training all our installers and hiring only the most passionate, dedicated individuals who will encompass all our beliefs. We have our own “Installation Batcave,” where our installers hone their skills and become experts at their craft.

Additionally, instead of having them float from one project type to another, they’re on specific teams, and each service we offer has a dedicated crew. This allows our installers to become specialists in what they do instead of trying to force them into being spread too thin across all fields.

When we hire, we focus on individuals with upbeat attitudes because you can’t train this into someone. Positivity is essential for being a member of the Clemens team.

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Work With A Local Company That Understands Your Needs

We’re a local company through and through, which means we know the Indiana climate like the back of our hand. This knowledge helps us determine exactly what our customers need, regardless of the project they have completed.

Additionally, it’s much easier to communicate with a local company than with a big-box company. For us, you’ll be much more likely to get the person you need on the phone when you call. With them, it’s a trial to get a person on the phone, period.

Big-box companies also have significant overhead. Many of these charges come from their sky-high marketing budgets. As a local company, we don’t have overhead like this, which means we can offer you prices that are fair and aren’t jacked up to cover the cost of these fees.

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For A Beautiful Entry Door For Your New Castle, IN, Home,
Turn To Clemens Home Solutions

Installing a door that protects your New Castle, IN, home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics and taste. Here at Clemens Home Solutions, we offer a premium selection of high-quality doors in many different styles.

You’re guaranteed to find a door that meets your requirements, and with our highly talented installers, you’ll have a precision installation.

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We service New Castle, IN, and the surrounding areas.

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Our 5 core values ensure you pleasant, premium-quality exterior remodeling.


We hold ourselves 100% accountable for your experience and results.


The key to remodeling success is a strong customer-contractor bond.


Honesty is the ONLY policy. We do what we say and follow through.


Working hard, earnestly, and with impeccable attention to detail is our calling card.


We WILL perform our job to the highest possible caliber. That’s a promise.

“Polite, professional, and went above and beyond to be helpful. I could not be more pleased with Clemens. I would recommend them to anyone.”

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