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Roof Installations For Delaware County HomeownersIf you are a Delaware County homeowner looking to have the roof on your home replaced, you are in the right place! Just the thought of having to spend thousands of dollars on your roof may seem like a daunting endeavor at first, but we strive to change that perception.

Choosing the right home contractor to undertake your roofing project is a big task that many homeowners should take very seriously. Improper installation techniques and low-quality build materials may save your contractor money but will undoubtedly cost YOU money in the long run.

Not to mention, many issues can arise in other areas of your home if your roof is not installed correctly, such as rot, mold, and water damage.

When you choose Clemens Home Solutions for your roofing installation project, you can rest easy knowing we NEVER leave a job site until you are beyond satisfied. That’s our Clemens Guarantee.

Roofing Options To Suit Any Home & Budget

Indiana is home to some interesting weather patterns. High winds, frigid temperatures, scorching summer days, and copious amounts of rainfall can take a real toll on the integrity of your home’s roof.

Lucky for you, we have done our due diligence over the last 20 years to provide our Delaware County clients with state-of-the-art building materials that are specifically built for Indiana’s weather.

With easy financing options available to all eligible customers, we are sure to have the perfect roofing option for your home. At Clemens Home Solutions, we offer two tried-and-true roofing options for Delaware County residents: asphalt shingles and rubber roofing.

“They did a great job communicating with us. The roof was very professionally installed. The crew was neat and respectful of my property.”

-Veronica C.

Offering Delaware County Homeowners
Top-Of-The-Line Asphalt Shingles

When it comes to asphalt shingles, there’s only one manufacturer we trust to upkeep our exceedingly high standards. CertainTeed. We’ve developed a strong relationship with CertainTeed over the years and are proud to have been nominated as a SELECT ShingleMaster™, one of very few in the state of Indiana.

More specifically, we utilize the CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System™ due purely to the fact that this technology is specifically designed for climates such as ours here in Indiana.

The CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System™ asphalt shingles are comprised of FIVE technologically-advanced sections:

  • WinterGuard® Waterproofing Underlayment
  • RoofRunner® Moisture-Resistant Underlayment
  • SwiftStart® Starter Shingles
  • Landmark® Series Roofing Shingles
  • Shadow Ridge® Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles

Rubber Roof Options For Delaware County Homeowners

If your roof has a low slope or no slope at all, rubber roofs are the best option for you. Even though asphalt roofs are by far more common than rubber roofs in Delaware County, we meticulously fine-tune each small detail to give our customers optimal function and aesthetic appeal.

Our talented technicians are highly skilled in the art of rubber roofing installation. When installed properly, rubber roofs are extremely tough, leak-resistant, and require very little maintenance.

We know many Delaware County homeowners plan on living in their homes for many years to come, and as a result, TPO and EPDM rubber roofs are made just for you. With an average lifespan of up to 40 years, our rubber roofs will likely be the last roof you will ever need.

“The roofing crew was very professional and efficient. They went beyond our expectations when it came to cleaning up.”

-Carrie B.

Why Should Delaware County Homeowners
Choose Us For Roof Replacement

Ever since the company’s conception in 1998, we knew we had to stand out in the crowd against all the other home contracting companies out there. Let’s face it, the market is flooded with people who have a truck and a toolbox and call themselves home contractors.

That’s not us.

We ONLY hire the best-of-the-best when it comes to our installation teams. By keeping all of our services in-house, we can provide clear and precise training to our technicians while ensuring our high expectations are continuously met.

We pride ourselves on our developed set of core values that we stick to for each and every project. No exceptions.

You have to be able to trust the people working in your home, especially in close proximity to your family and loved ones. Not only are each of our staff members thoroughly trained and vetted upon hiring, but we also instill the importance of respect and kindness every day throughout our office and job sites.

Our goal is to provide efficient work, clear communication, and a beautiful outcome all wrapped up in a stress-free package. And let’s just say we NEVER fail to deliver.

Clemens Home Solutions: Replacing Roofs
One At A Time In Delaware County

Did you know most of our work comes from having to replace roofs that were installed improperly? It’s true!

Although a roof may LOOK good, it’s about what you CAN’T see that will end up costing you in the long run. At Clemens Home Solutions, we start from the ground up to cover every base during the installation process. If we see a problem, we don’t cover it up and forget about it.

We fix it!

We wouldn’t be where we are today if we left our customers out to dry by letting them pick up the bill on our laziness. When you choose Clemens Home Solutions, you choose to have your roof installed correctly the FIRST time, with no gimmicks or games.

Ready to get started on your roof installation project? Give the roof fanatics a call at (765) 358-735 or contact us today!

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We hold ourselves 100% accountable for your experience and results.


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Honesty is the ONLY policy. We do what we say and follow through.


Working hard, earnestly, and with impeccable attention to detail is our calling card.


We WILL perform our job to the highest possible caliber. That’s a promise.

“Polite, professional, and went above and beyond to be helpful. I could not be more pleased with Clemens. I would recommend them to anyone.”

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