Gutter Guard Installations For Delaware County Homeowners

The Last Gutter Guard Installation Delaware County Homeowners Will Ever Need

Say Goodbye To Having To Manually Clean Your Gutters Once And For All

If you are like many other Delaware County homeowners, just the thought of having to climb up a wobbly old ladder can make you fear for your life. Not to mention having to lean over your gutters at awkward angles just to clean them!

Even if you hire someone to clean your gutters for you, it’s typically not cheap.

In order for gutters to function properly, they must be clear of debris to allow proper water flow. Clogged gutters can quickly cause irreversible damage to the home, such as rot, mold, and water damage.

Sure, gutter guards have been around for a while. But here’s the deal, they have never been truly 100% effective. That was until LeafX® gutter guards came into the picture.

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LeafX® Gutter Guards: Science-Based Technology Proven To Work

At Clemens Home Solutions, we value our customers too much to use anything less than the absolute best. And when it comes to gutter guards, LeafX® is the Michael Jordan of the industry. Unlike other types of gutter guards such as mesh, brush, or screen, LeafX® gutter guards prevent 100% of debris from falling into your gutters.

That means seeds, pine needles, and small sticks—basically, everything.

And now you may be asking yourself, “but how can that be?” let’s explain.

LeafX® gutter guards have a revolutionary solid nose-forward system that lets physics and gravity do all the heavy lifting. LeafX® utilizes the principle of laminar flow which scientists say is when water follows a path in layers.

So, using the laminar principle, LeafX® gutter guards have multiple backward angled layers of material that allow the water to make its way down into the gutters at a predictable speed through small seams. This proves to be especially useful for areas with an extreme amount of rainfall!

This filtration system completely eliminates the opportunity for debris to fall into your gutters. In fact, LeafX® is so confident in their product that they offer all Delaware County homeowners a Lifetime Clog-Free Guarantee. Yes, LIFETIME.

“We were deeply impressed with how personable, good-natured, agreeable, and hard working they were and their incredible attention to detail.”
-Susan M.

Gutter Guards Designed For Every Season

Where most gutter guards fail, LeafX® prevails. No matter the time, day, or weather!

One of the biggest natural factors Delaware County homeowners deal with on a yearly basis is the accumulation of snow. Heavy snowfall can quickly damage your roof and gutters before you even have a chance to make a snowman.

Not only will snow clog your gutters, but it can also cause them to sag or, worst-case scenario, break away from your house completely. Most gutter guards do not have a science-based solution to snow build-up in and on gutters, but LeafX® does.

Small ridges lining LeafX® gutter guards are designed to help break up snow and give melted water a bit of extra time to find its way into the gutter. As far as withstanding the weight of snow, LeafX® gutter guards utilize 26% thicker aluminum than standard gutter guards.

Save Money While Enhancing The Curb Appeal Of Your Delaware County Home

Not only will you save money and time by NEVER having to clean your gutters again, but LeafX® gutter guards can also be installed directly over your existing gutters! Many gutter guard manufacturers require you purchase all new gutters, downspouts, and hardware for your home.

LeafX® gutter guards maintain a sleek profile when viewed head-on so as not to negatively affect your home’s curb appeal. In fact, utilizing our many color and style choices will give you the opportunity to further customize your home while enhancing its curb appeal and value.

Custom Built For Your Home

The best and only way to achieve 100% perfect function for your gutter guards is to have them custom built to perfectly match your roof and existing gutters. Our highly skilled installers will take precise measurements of your home and cut the LeafX® gutter guard material on location.

This ensures a PERFECT fit every single time. And if it’s not perfect, we tweak and recut material until it IS perfect. That’s just one facet of our coveted Clemens Guarantee.

“Clemens Home Solutions is a top-notch company, owned and operated by top-notch people. Their work is thorough and beautiful!!!”
-Stephanie G.

Take Back Your Sundays With LeafX® Gutter Guards

Weekends are a precious time for Delaware County homeowners. We’d all rather be spending time with our families and friends than cleaning our gutters. If your home has more than one floor, the safety risk alone hardly makes it worth it.

If you are ready to maximize your weekends while eliminating a tedious chore once and for all, LeafX® gutter guards are the perfect solution for you. Not to mention the chances of your home developing water damage are instantly reduced!

If you live in the Delaware County area and are interested in bettering your life with our LeafX® gutter guards, give our team a call! You can reach our Muncie office Monday-Friday at (765) 358-7535 or contact us directly today!

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