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Make Your Daleville, IN Home More Energy Efficient With These Replacement Windows

Want your home to be more energy efficient? One way you can improve this is with replacement windows. The right windows will better insulate your home, offering beautiful outdoor views without letting too much heat escape. They’ll even let in more light so you won’t have to bother with electrical lighting during the day. Old and outdated windows, however, will have the opposite effect on your home’s energy efficiency. In Daleville, IN, Clemens Home Solutions can help find the perfect windows for you.

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Are Your Windows Saving You Money or Costing You Money?

It’s a misconception to think you only pay for windows once, when you purchase them. There’s the upfront cost, yes, but the performance of your windows can also affect your home’s costs for years to come. For instance, energy efficient and durable windows will help to keep your home comfortable and insulated while keeping your heating and cooling bills low. Good windows will raise the value of your home when you choose to sell.

Bad windows, on the other hand, will lead to heat loss and drafts, which means your heating and cooling systems will be working that much harder to keep your home comfortable. You can expect those heating and cooling bills to spike. Poor, outdated windows will also lower your home value and make it harder to sell.

Our Replacement Windows in Daleville, IN Are Stunning and Energy Efficient

How do we ensure replacement windows that are as energy efficient and durable as they are beautiful? We make our windows right here in Indiana, engineered for our climate. These are double pane windows made with especially thick glass that’s tested against the energy efficiency of triple pane windows to ensure they’re as efficient as possible. We use vinyl window frames that hold up to the weather and even have good energy efficiency ratings. In addition to energy efficiency, these thicker windows are more impact resistant and durable so you know you’re getting your money’s worth with our windows.

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  • Excellence: We don’t settle for less than excellence when it comes to our replacement windows, or anything else.

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