How To Determine If A Siding Company is Legit

Jan 25, 2023

Home With Vinyl Siding In Muncie, IN

How To Determine If A Siding Company
Is Legit For Your Muncie, IN Home

What You Need To Look For When Choosing
Your Siding Contractor

When planning a new siding installation project for your Muncie, IN, home, it’s critical that you choose a valid company. While there are many legit companies available, there are just as many that are not. These companies can take your money, do a poor job, and disappear – a nightmare scenario for any homeowner’s budget.

So, it is essential when selecting your siding company to ensure they are legit. Understanding the difference between a well-established company with a trustworthy history and one that’s just a fly-by-night operation you will never hear from again is critical.

Finding the right company for your siding installation project can be challenging if you don’t know where to look and what to ask. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to walk you through exactly what you need to know to make the best decision for your siding.

Verify Their Insurance

One of the first steps you can take to validate the legitimacy of a siding company is verifying their insurance. You want to ensure that if something happens to one of their installers while on your property, they are covered by worker’s compensation insurance.

Otherwise, you’ll be covering the medical charges for this unfortunate accident. Even if your prospective installer assures you they are cautious and safe – you need to know you won’t be on the hook if something goes wrong. Accidents happen, and knowing the company is adequately insured will give you peace of mind.

Read Their Reviews

A legitimate brick and vinyl siding contractor will have real customers who have left authentic reviews. In fact, they should have customers jumping at the chance to leave feedback to say how their experience was, for better or worse.

If you come across a company with no customer reviews, chances are they are not legit. You also want to carefully inspect their reviews to ensure they seem valid and not concocted by their staff.

Remember, a company with a high customer satisfaction rating is more likely to give you the expert service and treatment you deserve throughout your siding installation project.

The Lowest Offer Is Not Always The Best Offer

Unfortunately, the exterior remodeling industry is rife with potential scams. Lowball offers are one of the key signs to be on the lookout for when receiving bids. When one company offers a bid far below the others, it’s in your best interest to avoid them altogether.

Having fire-resistant home siding installed on your Muncie, IN, home is not cheap. It requires precision and perfection in installation for the best results. Legitimate siding companies will charge you exactly what it takes to do the job the right way, and it may not be the lowest price in town, but it will ensure the project is completed correctly.

The Siding Company Only Offers High-Quality Materials

A siding company that is not legit will offer you cheap, low-quality materials that will fail very quickly as part of their lowball offer. The best step to take when getting bids is to research the products the companies are offering to see which is the best for your home.

You’ll want something known to stand up to the Muncie, IN, climate. There’s nothing worse than investing in something as important as your siding only to have it destroyed by the first harsh storm.

A legitimate siding company will offer the highest-quality materials guaranteed to do anything but fail at the first signs of trouble. Your home will be protected for years.

They Have A Physical Office You Can Visit

Any legitimate company will have a physical office you can enter to follow up on your business. There should be a local office with a working phone where you can reach someone. Questionable companies will often not have a permanent office location, and you will not be able to follow up in person without having them come to your home.

This should be an immediate red flag when getting your estimates. Any business without a permanent office location should be removed from your list of possible candidates due to their questionable nature and for your safety.

They Will Offer A Detailed Contract

A legitimate installation company should draw up a detailed contract between all parties. It will explain everything down to the finest detail on the costs. Upon reading this contract, the company contact should answer all your questions about your investment.

Any questionable companies may not offer a contract at all, leaving you wondering exactly what is happening on your property. Without a contract, it can leave you with no ground to stand on should they fail to finish the job or complete it poorly.

They Offer A Superior Workmanship Guarantee

Genuine siding companies are not afraid to back up their work with a solid workmanship guarantee that covers anything they might do wrong. This is because they know their work is reliable and will rarely need to be covered by this guarantee. Shady companies cannot offer the same because they know their workmanship is of low quality.

Legitimate companies take the time to train their installers to be the best at what they do. They go above and beyond to ensure that the customer experience is the best possible, and because of this, they can offer a solid guarantee on their work.

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