How Long Does It Take To Replace Your East Central Indiana Roof?

Dec 17, 2021

Multiple Factors Affect How Long Your Roof Replacement Will Take  

Replacing the roof on your East Central Indiana home is a big endeavor. Your old roof needs to be torn down and carted off. Your new roof needs to be installed precisely, layer by layer.  And to top it all off — the weather needs to cooperate.

All sorts of things impact the amount of time it will take us to replace your roof — from how big your roof is to how easy it is to access it. Your roof can be done in as little as ONE day, but if the odds are stacked against you, it can take a week or longer.

Roof Size 

Obviously, it will make a difference if you live in a one-room cottage or a sprawling mansion. Replacing the roof on the former can take a single day, or it might take up to a week, or more, for the latter. The more square footage your roof has, the more labor your roof replacement will need — and the longer it will take.

But roof size is not the only factor that impacts how long your roof replacement will take.


Stormy weather, extreme cold, and extreme heat will all slow down your roof replacement project. It’s tough to install a roof with precision and care when rough weather makes visibility low and conditions unsafe. Rain can also ruin your decking and make it difficult for your shingles to adhere to your roof.


The more labor your roof replacement requires, the more time it will take from start to finish. The shape and the pitch of your roof generally determine the amount of labor that’s required to tear down your old roof and install a new one.

A roof with many ridges, hips, and valleys or with a steeper pitch will need more time and effort. In addition to the increased complexity of the job, your roofers will need to take more safety precautions.

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You might never have considered how accessible your roof is because you didn’t need to. But to the roofers who are working on replacing your roof, accessing your roof is step one of the roof replacement process.

If there are shrubs blocking access to your roof, or there’s a large gap between your driveway and your home, it will be harder to access your roof. Loading up the truck with your old roof and getting materials and supplies onto your roof will take more effort and planning.

Next Step 

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