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May 25, 2022


Four Reasons Low Bids On Muncie Area
Exterior Home Renovations Aren’t Real

Don’t Waste Your Time Chasing Unicorns

Let’s face it – like most Muncie area homeowners, the biggest obstacle to renovating your home’s exterior is probably the cost. Once too many zeros get attached to the work, you’re bound to walk the other way.

We get it.

But those super-low bids you’re eyeing aren’t real, and here are four BIG reasons you should throw them in the rejection pile.

1) Low Bids = Low Quality

When a contractor offers a super low bid, it’s often based on the lowest tier materials and products they can find. And with those bottom-shelf products come short lifespans and nearly useless warranties.

You know the kind – the word ‘lifetime’ in bold print followed by several pages of print so small you’d need a microscope to understand what it’s saying.

Even when you have a solid case for a manufacturer’s defect, you could discover that your coverage has depreciated down to 5% or even less. Plus, it doesn’t cover labor, or the inspection, or…well…anything of use.

At Clemens Home Solutions, we carry only the top brands and only after we’ve vetted them thoroughly. Every product we install and material we use is proven to have superior durability and longevity. And if their warranties are full of loopholes – then they aren’t right for our customers.

Always look at the product being offered before you get too excited about a low bid.

2) Low Bids = Cheap Labor

When a contractor pares their bid down to the nub, there’s little left over to cover basic costs, and the easiest cost to eliminate (if you don’t care about results) is the cost of labor.

True professionals know what they are worth, and they don’t come cheap. Day laborers, however, cost far less and can save a contractor over 60% on labor costs. Of course, their work will be sloppy due to inexperience, lack of supervision, or just because they know which corners they can cut and not get caught.

Unfortunately, that means you end up with a substandard installation that will give you trouble in under five years. And since we’re talking about exterior home solutions, those failures will reach deep into the structure of your home and most likely cost more to fix than the initial renovation did a few years past.

At Clemens Home Solutions,  our senior personnel train our crews, even if they come to us with experience in the field. Every installer is taught the Clemens way of doing things and then paid handsomely for their expertise.

We know that no matter how good the product if it’s installed poorly, you’ll get poor results. So we make absolutely sure that the people installing your new project are the best to be found in all of Indiana.

4 Reason Low Bids Are Bad

3) Low Bids = Ever-Rising Costs

The dirty little secret about low bids is that the companies that offer them use them as a way in the door. Once they get you to sign and the work begins, the change orders start coming in a hurry.

You’ll hear phrases like, “We couldn’t have seen that coming,” or “We have no choice but to…,” or “We tried to contact you,” until you’re ready to scream. And with each change order, that nifty low bid will quickly become nothing but a sweet memory.

And when your house is all torn up on the outside, what can you say? If you kick them out, your house will suffer from exposure to the elements. So, you bite the bullet and tell them to go ahead.

We like to do things a little differently.

First, our initial visit inspection is THOROUGH. Everything you want done, everything that area is connected to, and even the substrate around and behind the area in question is put through a detailed inspection.

Second, we give you a detailed proposal covering everything we think needs to be done to give you an exterior home remodel that will last for decades.

And finally, we offer to back it all up with the Clemens Guarantee that states we will take care of any error we make for the next 15 years at zero cost to you. However, that fifteen-year number can get a little fuzzy, as we’ve been known to come out even later than that (16, 17, even 20 years) if the problem is our fault.

So, when we give you a quote, it is meant to eliminate surprises, give you a full understanding of what we propose to do, with a price all but carved in stone, and back it for at least 15 years.

4) Low Bids = Zero Customer Service

As with installers, a bare-bones bid usually means there’s little to no customer service system in place. If you accept a low bid, get ready to wait at least a day for every question you leave in voicemail.

We say voicemail because the chances of your contractor having an office staff are near nil. As for being updated, don’t expect more than a call telling you they’ll be there next week. And if you have a problem after they’re done – here’s the manufacturer’s phone number.

Now, here at Clemens Home Solutions, we’ve built our name on excellent work backed by outstanding customer service. You will know when your products have been ordered, when they are expected to arrive, and what day we intend to begin your project.

If you have a question, you’ll likely get an answer on your first call. And if you have a question they can’t answer at the office, you can always call the owner.

That’s right, we give you Shawn Clemen’s personal cell phone number, and he is always available.

We also help you deal with our manufacturers. If you encounter a defective product – call us. We’re happy to play the middleman and get your problem resolved without you having to go crazy dealing with voice menus and lengthy hold times.

Our goal is for you to have a stress-free, enjoyable renovation experience from beginning to end – and beyond.

If you have a project in mind for your Muncie area home and want it handled by true professionals, call us at Clemens Home Solutions for a free quote.

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