Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Gutters Yourself

Feb 22, 2021

Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Gutters Yourself

Common Mistakes When Cleaning Your Gutters Yourself

Many homeowners take to climbing a ladder and embarking on the tedious, and dangerous, chore of cleaning out their gutters. While balancing atop your ladder and scooping out soggy debris, it can be difficult to get the job done just right. Oftentimes homeowners can make mistakes, which will negatively impact their gutters down the road.

Common Mistakes

When cleaning your gutters, try to avoid making the following mistakes:

Overlooking Small Gutter Repairs

When on your ladder, you are eye-level with your gutter system. This can prove to be an advantage, as it allows you to see problem areas that may not be visible otherwise. Try not to ignore any signs of needed repair. This includes patches of mold and mildew, a loose downspout, or gutter seams that are allowing small amounts of liquid to leak through.

Using Strong Chemicals

If you are using harsh chemicals on your gutters, reconsider a more organic cleaning solution. Strong chemicals can compromise your gutter’s finish, and may even result in damage to your home’s siding, should the chemicals splatter.

Leaning Your Ladder on the Gutters

When climbing your ladder, feeling secure and balanced is key. However, if you can only achieve a sense of stability while resting your ladder on your gutter system, rethink your positioning. By forcing so much pressure on your gutters, you can bend and weaken the system’s overall performance, and also risk falling.

Consider an Alternative

Instead of risking your safety and the well-being of your gutter system by cleaning your gutters yourself, consider having gutter guards installed. At Clemens Home Solutions, we proudly install the LeafX® Gutter Protection system, which will stop debris from entering and clogging up your gutters.

Gutter guards do most of the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your gutters and making any of these common mistakes. If you are interested in gutter guards, contact Clemens Home Solutions today.

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